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Join the DGS – where everyone has a voice!

The commitment of each individual and the common belief held by all members constitute the German Society for Solar Energy. Thanks to this commitment and the extensive experience of our experts, we find the strength to promote our ideas and aims.

Our aim is energy transformation – towards sustainability and the increased use of renewable energy sources

  • Promote changes in the energy industry towards sustainable management using renewable energy
  • Integration of energy-saving technologies towards the efficient use of energy
  • Improvement of technical possibilities and the social and legal framework requirements
  • Promote research and the implementation of research results
  • Knowledge transfer and dissemination of information
  • Mediator between industry, authorities, science and end-users

With your membership you support our aims and gain a number of advantages

As a member …

  • You join a strong community of like-minded people and receive access to a wide communication platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences
  • You receive beneficial access to a wide range of top-level global training opportunities
  • You receive access to a large number of strong partners and their offers
  • We will keep you informed about the latest developments through our journal “Sonnenenergie” as well as our newsletter
  • You receive discounts at events, seminars and on DGS publications
  • You have a right to co-determination within the scope of the annual general meeting of the Berlin-Brandenburg state and national associations of the DGS

Receive a gift with your new membership!

As a new member or advertiser, you will receive a starting gift – select one of the following options:

Option 1: Choose one book in our bookstore

  • Discounted members can choose a book in value up to 25 ¤
  • Ordinary members (individuals) can choose a book in value up to 40 ¤
  • Ordinary members (companies) can choose a book of any value

Option 2: Discount at SolarCosa

  • Discounted members receive a voucher for 20 ¤
  • Ordinary members (individuals) receive a voucher for 40 ¤
  • Ordinary members (companies) receive a voucher for 60 ¤
photo bookstore
photo voucher Solarcosa

Select a book from our bookstore  or  a discount voucher for

Requirement to receive the bonus: Neither you nor anyone in your household was a DGS member during the past 12 months.

DGS is a registered non-profit organisation; therefore, all membership fees and donations are tax deductible.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Mrs. Beate Müller-Gunthof
Phone: +49 (0)30 / 29 38 12 60

Application for membership

To apply for membership, please use the online form of the Federal Association or the print template available on the website

photo Planning and Installing Photovoltaic Systems
Members get 10% discount
for our publications
graphic SolarSchools
Discounts for members,
who participates in a seminar
in one of our national DGS
photo of the official journal SONNENENERGIE
members get 4 editions per year
and a discount if they put an
advertisement in the journal
Skyline DGS Berlin Brandenburg DGS Berlin Solares Regierungsviertel Beratung, Planung und Gutachten Photovoltaik Publikationen der DGS SolarSchule Berlin Solares Forschungs- und Schulschiff Beratung, Planung und Gutachten Solarthermie DGS LV Berlin Brandenburg e.V. Praktische Übung der Indachmontage Verschattungsanalyse Wolfheulen
DGS Berlin
gegründet 1982
Solares Regierungsviertel mitinitiert
durch die DGS Berlin Brandenburg
Beratung, Planung und Gutachten
im Bereich Photovoltaik
Publikationen der DGS
SolarSchule Berlin
Solares Forschungs- und Schulschiff
mitentwickelt von der DGS Berlin Brandenburg
Beratung, Planung und Gutachten
im Bereich Solarthermie
DGS Berlin Brandenburg
gegründet 1991
Praktische Übung der Indachmontage
in der SolarSchule Berlin
Verschattungsanalyse mittels
Aufnahme mit konvexem Spiegel