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Sun 100 % independent since 1982 Sun 100 % independent since 1982

DGS Berlin Brandenburg

German Society for Solar Energy – Section Berlin Brandenburg (registered association)

The Berlin state association was founded in 1982 to promote the aims of the DGS on a regional level. As interest in solar energy grew, DGS Berlin decided to offer more professional services and opened a staffed office in 1992.


In addition to spreading awareness and public relations work as well as technical consulting for local authorities, DGS Berlin began offering technical services and consulting in the field of solar energy. Ever since, our portfolio has been constantly expanded. Today DGS Berlin experts offer a wide range of services, including technical due diligence studies, plant acceptance, yield studies, technical consulting and many more.
Engineering – Independent Expertise

DGS SolarSchool

The rapid market growth of solar technologies led to the necessity of professional education. Consequently, DGS Berlin founded the SolarSchool in 1996 in cooperation with the local chamber of crafts. An informal cooperation with local universities has also been fostered. As their popularity increased, additional SolarSchools have been founded throughout Germany and worldwide. The courses are designed for engineers, architects and craftsmen looking for advanced training in the field of renewable energies. The SolarSchool Berlin alone has trained more than 5,000 people since 1996.
SolarSchool Berlin


A deficit of practically oriented literature compelled us to spring into action. By 1995, DGS Berlin had edited and published the first Solar Thermal Systems manual. Today it is available in its ninth edition. In 2000, we added a Photovoltaic Systems manual, now in its fifth edition. Both books have become benchmarks worldwide and translated into several languages.
Overview Publications


In order to achieve the goal of an entire energy supply based on renewable energies in Germany and abroad, we have participated in or initiated several funded non-profit projects. These projects include development aid, the fostering of solar energy use globally as well as research and standardisation projects aimed at improving the state of technology.
National Projects  International Projects

Skyline DGS Berlin Brandenburg DGS Berlin Solares Regierungsviertel Beratung, Planung und Gutachten Photovoltaik Publikationen der DGS SolarSchule Berlin Solares Forschungs- und Schulschiff Beratung, Planung und Gutachten Solarthermie DGS LV Berlin Brandenburg e.V. Praktische Übung der Indachmontage Verschattungsanalyse Wolfheulen
DGS Berlin
gegründet 1982
Solares Regierungsviertel mitinitiert
durch die DGS Berlin Brandenburg
Beratung, Planung und Gutachten
im Bereich Photovoltaik
Publikationen der DGS
SolarSchule Berlin
Solares Forschungs- und Schulschiff
mitentwickelt von der DGS Berlin Brandenburg
Beratung, Planung und Gutachten
im Bereich Solarthermie
DGS Berlin Brandenburg
gegründet 1991
Praktische Übung der Indachmontage
in der SolarSchule Berlin
Verschattungsanalyse mittels
Aufnahme mit konvexem Spiegel