Expert opinions for courts and insurance companies

In the case of damage assessments and disputes, independence counts alongside expertise. DGS Berlin offers you both.

As an independent, non-profit association with strong technical expertise, the DGS has been listed as an expert witness for courts and insurance companies. Especially for these clients, an independent and factually sound analysis is essential. For this reason, the experts of the DGS Berlin are often consulted for statements in court proceedings or as experts for insurance companies.

Independent system monitoring

Operational management of large solar thermal systems, we ensure the optimal performance of your system.

In order to ensure the optimal and faultless operation of large solar thermal systems, the operating data must be recorded and regularly evaluated. We offer independent monitoring and control of the operating data of your plant. The data is recorded and continuously checked. In case of a malfunction you will be informed immediately. In addition, a monthly report including a yield evaluation based on irradiation measurements will be provided. Furthermore, a detailed annual report will be prepared.

Expert opinions and quality assurance

Quality assurance from planning to operation. We provide support in every phase of the project.

DGS Berlin offers a wide range of services, expert opinions and studies to ensure the optimal operation of solar thermal systems.

We offer expert opinions on planning documents and system design; system optimization and comparison of variants using simulation softwares; testing of conformity with the applicable standards and directives; assessment of the technical plant documentation and technical contracts (EPC, maintenance, operational management); independent construction supervision; expert opinions for plant acceptance; DGS Solar seal (contractual regulation on “guaranteed solar yield”).

Yield studies for Solar thermal energy

With our yield reports for solar thermal energy, we provide the basis for economic feasibility studies.

In order to calculate the payback period of the investment in a solar thermal system, a yield calculation is essential. We offer independent yield studies based on a well-founded weather data research and simulation with recognized programs. The simulation results are subjected to a critical evaluation and, if necessary, corrected to determine the energy yield. The monthly forecast values of irradiation and system yield as well as the detailed calculations and loss factors are documented in a comprehensive technical report.

Planning assistance

Our many years of experience in the field of solar thermal energy offer the best possible support in planning your system.

The engineers of DGS Berlin offer you independent and professional support in the planning of solar thermal systems of any size. The technical advice includes e.g. the determination of requirements, the basic system concept, the selection of components, the technical and economic optimisation and the integration into existing heat supply systems.