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Aktuelle bundesweite Projekte – DGS Berlin mittendrin

Berlin SolarCenter

photo Berlin SolarCenter
Photovotaik system on the roof of the Lafayette Berlin, © and Effizienzhaus Plus Berlin - the headquarters of the SolarZentrum

Berlin becomes a solar city!

Project duration
2018 to 2021

Funding authority
Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises

Contact Person
Laura Ferreri

Effizienzhaus Plus
Fasanenstr. 87a
10623 Berlin


Logo SolarCenter Berlin

The Berlin SolarCenter offers independent, vendor- and product-neutral consulting services on solar energy

The aim of the SolarCenter is to turn Berlin into a solar city. Furthermore, the SolarCenter has the goal of increasing the number of installed solar systems in Berlin and to make interested parties aware of unconsidered potentials, to reduce barriers to the utilization of such systems and to uncover potentials for sector coupling. Investors will gain an overview and evaluation of offers from regional businesses, architects and engineers.

The systems suitability will be verified, and an individual concept will be elaborated based on an “on-site-consulting”. The consulting and professional support of the SolarCenter will apply not just for the installation of solar systems for a single consumer, but also for the development of landlord-to-tenant electricity supply models for apartment buildings. The consulting services will be for free and will also offer an overview of financing possibilities.

Moreover, the SolarCenter will organize workshops and information events not just for experts of the sector, but also for interested parties with no technical background. Another objective is to offer an opportunity for migrants to get access to professional training in the solar sector. The SolarCenter doesn´t represent a competitor for local companies; it works with them and provides a neutral suppliers list.

The SolarCenter Berlin wants to turn Berlin into a solar city: be part of it!

Background information

The SolarCenter is managed by the German Society for Solar Energy – Section Berlin Brandenburg and financed by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. The SolarCenter is part of the Solarcity Masterplan, which is implemented in the Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Programme 2030 (BEK 2030) framework.

The BEK 2030 foresees a strong increase of renewable energies in the city in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Due to the urban character of the city, the utilization of hydropower as well as of biomass and wind energy is challenging and limitedly possible. Solar energy is therefore for sure the most suitable renewable source for electricity and heat supply. Berlin has a great potential for PV-installations on roofs and facades. Also the urban energy distribution system is a good ally for solar energy, since it has a good intake capacity for local generation in which power production and consumption are often simultaneous. Given this great potential for solar energy in Berlin, it has been decided to found the SolarCenter Berlin: an independent, vendor- and product-neutral consulting center.

Funded by:

Skyline DGS Berlin Brandenburg DGS Berlin Solares Regierungsviertel Beratung, Planung und Gutachten Photovoltaik Publikationen der DGS SolarSchule Berlin Solares Forschungs- und Schulschiff Beratung, Planung und Gutachten Solarthermie DGS LV Berlin Brandenburg e.V. Praktische Übung der Indachmontage Verschattungsanalyse Wolfheulen
DGS Berlin
gegründet 1982
Solares Regierungsviertel mitinitiert
durch die DGS Berlin Brandenburg
Beratung, Planung und Gutachten
im Bereich Photovoltaik
Publikationen der DGS
SolarSchule Berlin
Solares Forschungs- und Schulschiff
mitentwickelt von der DGS Berlin Brandenburg
Beratung, Planung und Gutachten
im Bereich Solarthermie
DGS Berlin Brandenburg
gegründet 1991
Praktische Übung der Indachmontage
in der SolarSchule Berlin
Verschattungsanalyse mittels
Aufnahme mit konvexem Spiegel