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Internationale Projekte – DGS Berlin mittendrin

SAGEN – High quality PV rooftop installations for South Africa

Foto Establishment of a PV training program in South Africa

Programme of emphasis climate and energy – Establishment of a training program

Project period
August 2016 to the end of 2017

Funding body
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Contact person
Udo Siegfriedt

South Africa is the largest economy in Africa. Apart from well developed regions around the large cities, parts of the country are insufficiently connected to the energy supply. The existing power supply networks are generally well developed, but there is a lack of power plant capacity, which in some cases led to shutdowns. Climate change also leads to water shortage. Thus for the third year in a row the country has recorded too little rainfall, which has already led to supply shortfalls. Therefore, South Africa has set itself the goal of focusing on renewable energy.

There are many different markets for photovoltaics due to the different situations within the country. In addition to Utility Scale PV Parks as a replacement for the large coal power plants and stand alone systems in off-grid areas, a market for small and medium-sized rooftop systems is currently being developed. The technical constraints in South Africa are similar as in Europe and especially as in Germany. The roof structures with roof tiles and a certain pitch and the grid structure are comparable, but with country-specific deviations. The legal situation at the moment is still problematic. So a feed-in licensed is regarded as compulsory. Some local authorities already provide interim solutions for small PV systems. A change of this legal situation is on its way. It is therefore expected that the market, already established on a smaller scale, will grow significantly within the next years.

In order to ensure a high quality of the future PV installations, for South Africa the education and training of professional staff is regarded as absolutely essential. For this purpose, the program of emphasis SAGEN was established together with South African and German partners. Within the scope of this program the DGS-Berlin will elaborate the following content:

  • Development of a one-week training course
  • Conduct train-the-trainer trainings and accompany the first training courses offered in South Africa
  • Development of "Solar PV Industry Guidelines"

Partner in South Africa are SAPVIA, the South African Association of the Solar Industry, comparable to the BSW in Germany, and GreenCape, an association which is supported by companies and individuals with the aim of establishing renewable energies nationwide, promoting the cooperation of all interested parties and providing information. In a subsidiary project, the German PV passport shall be adapted as GreenCard for South-African.

The project has already been developed so far that the first courses will take place at the end of February. Afterwards, the training material will be available to interested institutions for their training in a revised form in order to be able to offer a comparable level of education throughout the country. In addition, the documents are adapted to the requirements of the QCTO, an official South African institution responsible for education. In the long run, it is therefore necessary to ensure that the courses are valid within the educational structure in South Africa and that the participants can pass an official assessment.

An expansion or adaptation of the project to other countries in Africa but also on other continents is conceivable and pursued by us. It’s expected that the experiences we will make in South Africa in 2017 and 2018, will help us in the implementation of existing teaching materials for other training situations.

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