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DGS Federal Association

German Society for Solar Energy

Founded in 1975, the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie” (DGS) is the oldest solar association in Germany. Since 1989, DGS has been known as the German Section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES). DGS is a registered non-profit organisation with approximately 2,800 members, making DGS the strongest independent solar association in Germany.

The main aim is to achieve an entire energy supply based on renewable energies in Germany by 2050.

Sun 100 % independent since 1975 Sun 100 % independent since 1975
DGS logo

To achieve this goal, the DGS supports the introduction of new sustainable energy conversion techniques and energy-saving technologies as well as promotes environmental and climate protection.

Consequently, a major aspect of the work is education and disseminating information about renewable energies. The implemen­tation of new results into technical applications and thereby into everyday life is an important part of the work of DGS. DGS considers itself to be a mediator between scientists, engineers, architects, craftsmen, the building industry, public authorities, politicians and the government.

DGS is an accepted consumer protection organisation according to §22 of the AGBG (Germany Civil Code). The DGS represents the interests of consumers in the fields of renewable energies and the efficient use of energy sources.

Visit DGS website for more information and our latest news at

ISES – International Solar Energy Society

ISES is the largest and longest standing international solar organization, with extensive membership worldwide. The society has members in more than 110 countries and sections in over 50 countries. In 1963, ISES was accredited by the United Nations and has been working with UN entities and programmes ever since, taking part in important events such as the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference and the UN Commission on Sustainable Development meetings. ISES provides objective, scientific advice to governments and the public at a global level.

ISES is a strong partner for research and academic foundations for advice on technical and policy issues related to achieving 100% renewable energy worldwide.

More information about the ISES and membership can be found at

SONNENENERGIE – The official journal of the DGS
Edition July – October 2013, December 1986 and how it all began:
the first edition of the journal January – February 1976

The latest edition of our journal “SONNENENERGIE” is available under Publications

Older editions of our journal “SONNENENERGIE” are published on and can be read for free.

Skyline DGS Berlin Brandenburg DGS Berlin Solares Regierungsviertel Beratung, Planung und Gutachten Photovoltaik Publikationen der DGS SolarSchule Berlin Solares Forschungs- und Schulschiff Beratung, Planung und Gutachten Solarthermie DGS LV Berlin Brandenburg e.V. Praktische Übung der Indachmontage Verschattungsanalyse Wolfheulen
DGS Berlin
gegründet 1982
Solares Regierungsviertel mitinitiert
durch die DGS Berlin Brandenburg
Beratung, Planung und Gutachten
im Bereich Photovoltaik
Publikationen der DGS
SolarSchule Berlin
Solares Forschungs- und Schulschiff
mitentwickelt von der DGS Berlin Brandenburg
Beratung, Planung und Gutachten
im Bereich Solarthermie
DGS Berlin Brandenburg
gegründet 1991
Praktische Übung der Indachmontage
in der SolarSchule Berlin
Verschattungsanalyse mittels
Aufnahme mit konvexem Spiegel